My Journey into Massage Therapy

I walk down the lane from my house with fresh towels over my arm to the thatched cottage with the heart on the door, heading for the garden clinic space where I will meet a new client.  It has been a busy week, but the walk gives me a moment’s calm to reflect on how I came to be here.

Childhood Memories – Instinctive Massage

I remember as a small child walking up and down my Mum’s back as she lay on the floor, or reviving her by pressing my cool hands on her face when she was ill.  Later I made friends with a Chinese girl called Ryii at summer camp; while the other kids ran around playing tag, we gave each other shoulder massages.  

The Mind-Body Connection

I also remember wondering as a child why people got sad and why some people seemed to feel feelings more strongly than others.  I always knew that my career would be about helping people and was interested in complementary therapy.  I studied Health and Social Care at college, and later took a certificate in Counselling Skills, which was fascinating and got me thinking – there must be potential to work with people physically to benefit how they feel on the inside.

Confusion, Conviction and the Cotswolds

As the idea of becoming a massage therapist began to take root, I was confused and felt a lot of emotions.  I wondered, How could I achieve that?, but at the same time a strong conviction was telling me to go for it.  That feeling overpowered my doubts and moved me to begin my journey as a massage therapist.

Cotswold Academy - my massage school
Cotswold Academy, Thomas St, Cirencester

I found a lovely college in Cirencester called Cotswold Academy.  It was a long way from home but I knew it was the best place for me to learn. The tutors had a great understanding of massage; the community and even the walls of the old building seemed to support me in my journey.  I learnt so much.

I didn’t want to rush anything so I took my time with client case studies, massaging people, learning and improving.  I love hearing about people’s lives and how my work with them has made them feel better emotionally or physically.   After nine months I took my final exam and passed my diploma.  Because the power of the mind-body connection is so central to my work, I called my business Body to Mind Therapy.

A Country Practice

My dream of becoming a massage therapist became a reality when I found a clinic space to share in the garden of this beautiful thatched cottage in my home village of Ladbroke.  My new landlady, Helen, a fellow therapist, was lovely and welcomed me in kindly. I felt so thankful and fell in love with the room!  I am really happy to be able to welcome my clients into such a relaxing space. Treating my first client in the clinic base last week was a great experience; she really enjoyed the massage and loved the room.  I look forward to welcoming many more clients there as I support them on their wellbeing journey.


Amanda x