I offer a blend of holistic, Swedish and deep tissue massage therapy to suit your needs. Our first session will begin with a consultation to review your overall wellbeing in a holistic way so that the treatment can be tailored to you.  Please therefore allow an extra 15 minutes for your initial visit.  Whatever the focus of your massage, you can expect to leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and well set up for a great night’s sleep.

Essential Oils

I use Songbird Massage Wax – a natural, nutritious blend of almond oil and beeswax, which gives excellent control during the massage.  Choose from a range of heavenly essential oil blends such as balancing Women’s Blend with geranium, frankincense and uplifting bergamot; Zest, with lime and mandarin; Herbal Lift, with rosemary and clary sage; or woody Mountain Forest, also known as Men’s Blend.  If you have a nut allergy, please advise when booking so I can ensure a nut-free option is available.

Treatments include:

Full Body Massage

full body massage

A complete treatment to relax and recharge, working into tight muscles, releasing tension and toxins and increasing circulation and lymph drainage.  This massage covers all of the areas listed below.

1 hour, £45

90 minutes, £60

Back, Neck and Shoulders

back, neck and shoulder massage

A massage to release tension in the muscles and relieve discomfort arising from postural stress.

30 minutes, £30

1 hour, £45

Head, Neck and Shoulders

Head, neck and shoulder massage

This massage incorporates a relaxing facial and scalp massage as well as easing of the neck and shoulders.

30 minutes, £30

1 hour, £45

Leg and Foot Massage

Leg and foot massage

This massage tends to sore joints in the knees, ankles and feet, encourages effective lymph drainage and eases aching muscles. Includes front and back of legs.

30 minutes, £30

1 hour, £45

Arm and Hand Massage

Arm and hand massage

This massage tends to sore joints in the elbows, wrists and hands, encourages effective lymph drainage and eases aching muscles.

30 minutes, £30

Women’s Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage

A massage to promote digestive and reproductive wellness.

30 minutes, £30