Celebrating the Stretch!

Let’s celebrate the stretch!  A good stretch is a wonderful feeling, and it does us good too.  As humans we tend to spend a lot of our time slightly slumped or getting into bad habits posture-wise – may that be holding our shoulders up rather than relaxing them down, or sitting in an uncomfortable chair which could be damaging our posture.
It’s good to have a plan you feel you can easily do, even if you only have a few minutes each day. These simple exercises are quick, and most can even be done while you are sitting at your desk.  For maximum benefit, do them several times over the course of each day:
  • Chin tucks are great to do for lengthening the spine.  All you need to do is stand against a wall, stand up straight and gently pull your chin in to your chest. If you are tight, this can be a great headache reliever.
  • Another good stretch is turning your head from side to side – sounds simple, but if you have neck pain it can be a great way of releasing it.
  • Rolling your shoulders back is another good way to release pain in shoulders and neck.
  • Holding your arms up and seeing how far back they go will help to increase mobility and movement.
If any of these moves are hard for you or you can’t do them then I’d suggest seeing a therapist and having some work done on the problem area.

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